Website Launch Update

Delighted, bowled over and thrilled to bits (thesaurus used)! One more for the road…wow.

The launch of our Wills Consultants website could not have gone better.  We have had a tremendous response and send our gratitude and thanks to everyone who continues to makes Wills Consultants their recruitment partner of choice.

As you will see from my previous blog, blogging is a new frontier at Wills HQ and when blogging one must sometimes put their head above the parapet. What’s the advice always given? Never discuss religion or politics? They say never work with animals or children but having an office dog and being the parent of two, I’m thinking let’s go for it.

The website has been a fantastic tool in showing the world who we are and what we do and that we cover a wide area incorporating Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire with roles across the area. We also thought we could have some fun with the website and launch a competition. I for one was upset to hear about Easter egg hunts being dropped by large organisations for the apparently less ‘offensive’ Egg Hunt. So in my own rebellious response, I decided to have an Easter Egg Competition.  I’m pleased to say this had an overwhelming response. With winners claiming their prizes and temptation removed from the office in the form of over 16 chocolate eggs it was back to business.

We then continued to focus on the marketing of jobs and candidates. One of the tools we use in recruitment is a bi-weekly email, which is sent out to each party, highlighting latest jobs and candidates in specific fields.

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This means each week we find something of interest to head up the mailshot. There is always something headlining in the news that relates to recruitment.

However, sometimes you think this is going to be a slow news week then enter…Diane Abbott.

Despite being Cambridge educated and clearly an inspirational lady for many Diane has shown how not to prepare for an interview. We would like to think that all our candidates currently interviewing have been thoroughly briefed as to what to expect when being put forward for employment. We do our homework for you but it’s down to you to deliver.

Our interview preparation can include everything from the interview format to where to park, even advising on dress standards and body language. Ultimately, the success of the interview is going to rest on your shoulders. However, should you come up against a question you don’t know (and we’re pointing the finger at Ms Abbott here) be honest and say you will get back to them with the information.

(Want more on interview preparation then give us a call)

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