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Blog post – Should you recruit or use a freelancer?


May 16th marks Freelance Heroes Day in the UK and there’s no doubt that using freelancers can make a huge difference to a business.

Often freelancers are called in to plug unexpected gaps in the workforce that need immediate attention or to work on a particular project that may require a specific skill.

But some employers prefer the commitment of a full-time employee over a freelancer if they are investing any time or money in people.

So, what is the right choice for your company?


Benefits of using a freelancer

Some employers prefer to lower their financial risk and choose an independent freelance worker for cost saving. Whether you pay a freelancer hourly or per project, you are only obliged to pay them for the time that they work. For that reason, hiring a freelancer can be less costly that employing a member of staff as you don’t have to offer sick pay or holiday pay to a temporary staff member.

Freelancers are also highly knowledgeable in their chosen field. You’re hiring an expert who can hit the ground running, which often saves valuable time. They work independently, which means once you have briefed them, you can concentrate on running your business.


Benefits of recruiting a member of staff

Recruiting an inhouse position will show commitment to your staff and to your business, it can also boost morale in the workforce simply by introducing fresh blood and investing in your team by growing it.

A freelancer will only do the tasks that they are hired to complete. However, a fully-fledged staff member could help with other tasks and contribute to other areas of the business.

Short-term freelancers can be expensive. If they’re industry experts, they may be in high demand and therefore able to charge a premium price.

Freelancers often work remotely and have numerous other clients so they might not be available when you need them and you don’t know when they will be working. You also have to trust them implicitly as they will work to their own schedule and you have to take their word on how long a project might take.


How do you know what is right for your business?

There is no right or wrong answer, you just have to weigh up what will work best at this particular junction for you and your business.

Sometimes using a freelancer can be counterproductive for a company and cause additional problems and stress at a time when the pressure is on and time is tight, but in other situations they can be a simple and effective short-term solution.

We have some clients who would view a freelancer as a seasoned temp and would prefer to recruit in-house. Others may see freelancer as a temporary tick for a short-term need. As with many things, it is a subjective opinion.

If you need advice on recruiting for your company, get in touch with a member of our team today. Call 01536 512202.


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