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One of the biggest movements in our industry this year is the approach towards diversity, equality, and inclusion. It is an area in which all businesses will be forced to grow and develop.

We are now able to source from a global talent pool and employers are being held to very high standards. It is vital that you have the right DEI policies and strategies in place as they will be scrutinised across the board, which means it is more important than ever that you deliver on any promises you make.

If you’ve not got your policies in place, employees will find someone who has. Take the time to review your current policies and amend where necessary. Consider any new employment laws that have come into effect and any in the pipeline.

Candidates are looking for employers that have clear DEI directives and foster an inclusive culture, as well as invest in training to ensure that culture is welcomed by all.

Modern organisations should be actively seeking candidates who fit their diverse company culture and place significant weight upon upholding those values.

The cost-of-living crisis and challenging socioeconomic climate has seen cause for many retirees to return to work following a break. While they were perhaps previously seeking a better work/life balance, these older workers now need the additional funds and the human connection.

Part time, flexible roles will be sought after as businesses capitalise in the benefits that a multigenerational workforce can bring, which include broad knowledge and experience.

Here at Wills Consultants, we take our responsibility of value alignment very seriously and understand the importance of equality.

All of society need to feel like they are seen, heard, understood and, most importantly, that the opportunities available are open to all. Employers must also recognise and address this need internally by accepting uniqueness to ensure an inclusive, diverse workplace community with a sense of belonging.

In today’s candidate driven market, employers must offer a healthy work/life balance, an inviting workplace environment and a solid ethos of meaningful, inclusive values. Anything less will not be enough to attract or retain the most talented staff.

If you need help recruiting for a role or want to discuss the DEI in your organisation, Wills Consultants can help. Call 01536 512202.

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