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Its six months since our last blog post on Artificial Intelligence, which looked predominently at its rising popularity in our industry and the importance of acknowledging and considering its usefulness.

Since then we have discussed AI in further detail in the press and during guest spots on local podcasts. It is already being used widely, not just in recruitment but across all industries and has the potential to bring greater automation to workplaces – and save time for workers.

However, it is wise to be cautious, especially as there is still no actual legislation surrounding AI.

Currently, in the UK, the government is yet to implement laws to regulate the use of artificial intelligence. Last month, the government announced that while it recognises that legislation will be necessary, for now it will continue with non-statutory guidelines for businesses. The guidelines are made up of five core principles – safety, security and robustness, appropriate transparency and explainability, fairness, and accountability and governance.

The UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) has recently unveiled useful  guidance titled ‘Responsible AI in Recruitment’. The document highlights the necessity of ethics when using AI in HR and recruitment and the risk perpetuating existing biases, creating digital exclusion, and discriminatory job promotion and targeting.

Which means that in the meantime, companies must use their own moral compass and understanding to navigate the use of AI.

With this in mind, it is important to remember a few key points alongside the government framework.

Firstly, embrace AI. It is vital to keep up with techological trends and ensure that you understand how it could benefit your business. Ignoring the advancement of AI is tricky territory, espcially if your competitors are using it to their advantage. Knowledge is power.

Secondly, be clear with staff as to what you expect from them. Is AI being used to complete day to day tasks or is it simply an idea generation tool?

And lastly, always remember that AI is computer generated so won’t consider anything outside of the set parameters. Sometimes there is no alternative to the human touch and hidden gems are found when you think outside the box.

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