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Is it really July? My goodness, how time flies, I’ve already had people posting me information about Christmas vacancies! Great for recruitment not so great knowing there only 22 weeks to get organised.

For me June was a blur, it started with an unexpected trip in an ambulance, then a lengthy stay in Kettering Hospital, followed by a mini sabbatical at home. Not exactly how I expected to get some down time, but down time it was nonetheless. Normally I am a very busy person, like most folks I know. My day usually consists of: Up, Ready x 4, Parent Taxi, Work, Parent Taxi, Cook, Clean, Parent Taxi, Clubs, Dog Walk, More Work, and if I’m lucky, sleep… sound familiar?

Having been forced to have my schedule taken care of by others has left me being able to plan, reflect and… de-stress. I was totally unaware that I was ever stressed! I work in recruitment so I’m busy, but stressed? Just listening to peoples tone, watching their body language, sharp words, and the need for everything now! It was clear, yes, I had been stressed. Life is busy and our jobs and can leave us more than a bit vexed at times. Stress is not good (fact!), professionals have documented for years the health issues relating to stress.

How we deal with those, “adrenaline surges”, can reflect on how we cope with our roles in the workplace. Do you make time to listen, do you have time plan? Both very important in business with accounts and finance departments often at the forefront of operations. Try and book time with yourself to reflect on how you are approaching your role.  Ask yourself one of the more popular interview questions “what would your boss say about you”.  Then be honest with yourself, know your strengths and your limitations.

If you decide that the work/life balance just isn’t right and your place of employment isn’t for you then maybe it’s time to move on.

My days are still busy, but more organised and more structured with plan firmly in place… for the foreseeable future at least.

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