Cover letters …. are they really needed?

If you are new to the world of work, you may not have crossed paths with the all-important… Cover Letter.

Have you completed your studies, graduated from university, or maybe you are returning to work from a long break? Well, if you carry on reading, you will be able to see our top tips on how to produce a cover letter that lands that much wanted interview.

A cover letter is a one-page document that is designed to help persuade a recruiter to interview you. It is simply an introduction to you and why you would be a great fit for the role. Cover letters are used in conjunction with your CV and can be a requirement for job applications in multiple industries.

Here at Wills HQ we have come up with some top tips on how and why you should write the perfect letter. These tips are designed for all occupations not just office professionals or accountancy and finance staff.

Right, you’re all fired up to write that cover letter. That’s fantastic. But can you manage the balance between in-depth and overwhelming?

Keep it short, a good cover letter is long enough to be able to communicate why the recruiter should pick you… but at the same time not long enough to bore the recruiter to the point that they will need a strong coffee and a lay down!

Don’t waffle, keep it to the point, one page is usually long enough to cover everything you’ll need to include, without losing the recruiter’s attention.

If completing an application online, tab through the fields to see if a cover letter is required. If there is a field that asks for a cover letter… fill it in! Even if it isn’t mandatory it shows you are thorough and have made the effort.  By including a cover letter you have just increased your potential compared to the other applicants who haven’t attached a cover letter.

Brand power, what is your own personal brand? The cover letter allows you to communicate directly with the hiring manager. You are showing them that you’re going the extra mile to secure that job by highlighting your personal traits such as hard working, communication and taking the initiative. You are giving them more of a reason why you are the perfect person for the job.

Now for the mechanics of the letter, there is a certain structure you should use.

Once Upon a Time…. Probably the best start for a story but not your cover letter, start with why you are writing the letter. The main question is what can you offer the company? You want to highlight why you are the perfect fit for the role but you need to make sure your opening is strong with a couple of sentences that will grab the recruiters attention. This could be something along the lines of why they are reading your cover letter.

The next part of your cover letter is the most enjoyable. This is where you are going to convince the recruiter that by not hiring you is going to be the worst mistake they have ever made. Within this section just think of these questions:

  • Why should this company hire you?
  • What skills do you have that will help complete the job better than anyone else?
  • What makes you a good employee?
  • What extra qualifications do you have that are relevant to the role?

These questions will give the recruiter a greater understanding who you are and (fingers crossed) why they should interview you ASAP!!

After you have paid all this attention to your cover letter don’t forget to include your CV. More on how we can help with the perfect CV coming up.


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