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I CAN do anything….

Well not anything per se but definitely more than people give me credit for. Let me explain…

Wills Consultants is a family run business, which means there are going to be times when the family all need to be in the same place at the same time. One such time was this summer, when the family were meant to be driving to Southern Italy on a road trip with friends. Unfortunately, we were not able to all travel at the same time which, left me needing to drive the whole way by myself with two children, after (if you read my July Blog) a major operation.

“You can’t do that”, “it’s much too far”,” What? By yourself?”, “What if you get lost?”, “What if you break down”. I could go on reader.  I have had people tell me “you can’t” all my life –  friends, family, teachers, and you know what?

I most definitely CAN.

I CAN drive to Italy by myself with two children, I CAN get lost in Switzerland and find my way back, I CAN conquer my vertigo whilst driving through the Alps, I CAN speak a foreign language with my hands and politely cut in front of 20 cars at a toll booth because I was in the wrong lane, without repercussions.

I have listened to people who have told me “you can’t”, I understand they believe they have my best interests at heart. Are they saying this because it’s something they wouldn’t do, therefore, why should their fears become mine. Sometimes my children say  “you’re not the boss of me”! I could comment on this but that’s a whole other blog in the making. However, I’m not the boss of them but I am the boss of me.

I may have learnt the hard way and made mistakes, but I do grow from the lesson. I focus on what I can do, I realise my strengths and my expertise and reach my goals. Does any of this sound familiar? I have interviewed thousands of people and have listened to their stories so I know I’m not alone in being told negatives. Wills Consultants are here to turn some of those negatives into positives.

If I can conquer mountains (literally) and prove my doubters wrong, so can you.

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