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Now summer is over …

For employers, summer can be a tricky time for staffing as holiday season takes over, the better weather shows its face and, often, there are big sports fixtures taking place. Sometimes business owners need additional temporary resources to cover workforce gaps or to help meet seasonal demand.

For working parents, the summer season can mean a new level of juggling as they try to sort out childcare for the school break while continuing to fulfil their workplace responsibilities.

So, there is no surprise that the end of the summer is a key time in recruitment for candidates looking for more flexible roles to achieve that optimum work/life balance and for business owners to rethink their team structure.

The pandemic also gave many workers the rare opportunity to work from home and prove that their jobs could still be productive outside of the office.

Since then, the marketplace has seen an uptake in candidates looking for more flexibility in when and where they work. This has led to less traditional schedules in many firms and a more open-minded approach to flexible working being a prevalent part of the professional landscape.

This might be so employees can care for children, relatives, or pets, avoid commuter costs during this current cost of living crisis, or simply to give themselves more time at home.

Recruitment agencies play a key part in reducing stress on both sides, either to help boost resources in the short term in business that need more hands-on deck or to help candidates find that dream role that will fit perfectly into their already busy lives.

For candidates, we understand that usually in a week, you’re at work more days than you’re not, so it is important that it meets your needs so that you can meet the needs of your family.

For employers, we understand that while it is important to consider flexible working requests, and to offer flexible work patterns where possible, this must fit with the needs of the business and any changes to working hours must be fair and well considered.

New roles must have clear and pre-agreed boundaries before a candidate starts so that everyone understands how the agreement will work.

If you need help in introducing new flexible working roles in your office or you’re looking for a new job which will offer a flexible schedule, contact us today on 01536 512202.

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