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Well hello 2018.

I can’t believe it’s February this week!

But…what happened to January?

Apparently, time flies when you’re having a good time.

That saying led me to do some research and there are a lot of theories out there on flying time. According to the experts, our brain logs new experiences into our memory but not familiar experiences. Therefore, our judgment of time is based on how many new memories we create over a set time, such as a day.  So the more familiar we become with the day to day grind the faster time seems to run. Go away for a weekend somewhere new and it will seem like a lifetime.

Surely that’s the opposite of time flying = good times.

That is why I’m not so sure the experts have it right. The day to day graft at Wills HQ has been anything but familiar. We have had some great recommendations this month, which has led to NEW clients. We have changed the office around as we now have two NEW members of staff. We have some NEW IT and some NEW systems in place. NEW diets, NEW resolutions and a NEW year, what more could we ask for?

So with all this newness why does it still feel like time has flown by?

Christmas is not just a distant memory but the end of a trying year full of frustrations and difficult situations. Sure we grow, we learn, we look back and realise it all happened for a reason. We emerge stronger, wiser etc., but still incredibly glad for the fresh start that 2018 brought. All of us at Wills HQ have worked incredibly hard and very long hours during January and squeezed every last minute out of each day but time has still flown past. Or has it? Have the brainiacs actually got it right?

Christmas has faded into time. Looking back I remember that the way forward was to circle what I wanted in a catalogue and leaving it on the side with lots of post-it notes pointing to my item of choice. I remember snow days and not being able to get out of the village thinking this is how winters used to be. I also remember our new starters’ first days and they both seem like they have been here forever. They have hit the ground running, integrated themselves into the office and now I can’t imagine Wills HQ without them.

Just like time, we can’t go backwards. Yesterday has happened already, its tomorrow that’s the exciting part and the here and now is the living part. Life is just too damn short to waste one minute of it. So don’t. I remember a teacher who walked into class and stood there in silence looking at his watch. We giggled and looked at one another then watched him until he said that’s one minute of your lives I have just stolen, you will never get it back, its gone forever, let it be a lesson that time is precious, don’t waste it. I can’t remember his name, what he looked like or the lesson he was teaching but I remember the stolen minute.

I hope the time you have just taken reading this has made you think about what you’re doing with your time and you don’t feel I’ve wasted any of it. Whether time is flying by or creeping by I know one thing for sure, I just love what I’m doing with it.

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